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Why Board and Train?



Andy has 11 years experience in the dog training business. He has taught one on one lessons, beginner/ intermediate/ advanced group classes, as well as boarding and training. He has worked with children and adults of all ages, from all walks of life. This experience has led him to believe that boarding and training is by far the most effective way to train a pet dog and an owner. No doubt that 3-4 weeks is a long time to be away from your dog, however, that investment will pay off when you and your family can enjoy your dog, stress free, for the rest of their life. 

Common Questions:

Why 3-4 weeks?

3 weeks is the amount of time that allows us to guarantee results. Sure, we could accomplish great things with your dog in less time, however, how reliable will that training be several months later? While the dog may be able to learn new things quickly, this doesn't mean that those things automatically become an engrained habit. In our opinion, the repetition and exposure a dog gets during those 4 weeks of training can form lifelong habits.The average lifespan for a dog is 10-13 years. This means that you will spend roughly 150 months with your canine companion. We propose that you invest one of those months in our camp, and allow you and your dog to enjoy the other 149 months to the fullest.

What does a typical day at Training Camp look like?

We start everyday bright and early! At 6:30am, every dog will go outside for the first time to potty and play. Depending on the dog, they will usually be in the very large potty/ play yard with 2-6 other dogs. 8am marks breakfast time. We are able to accommodate dogs of all diet types and medication requirements. After breakfast, 9am signals every dog's favorite time, the first training session of the day. This could include obedience training, socialization, physical exercise, swimming training, treadmill training or agility training. Dogs have the opportunity to drink water and potty during training sessions. The first round of training concludes at noon, giving every dog a one hour nap at this time. 1pm-2pm is the start of the second round of potty breaks and group play. Between 2pm-5pm, the second round of training sessions will take place. The duration of a training session does depend on the dog, but can be between 20min-1 hour. 6pm is dinner time! 7pm-9pm will be the days final potty breaks and play opportunities of the day. 
This is a typical day at Camp, however can be flexible and subject to change based on a dog's age and needs.

Where will my dog sleep?

Training Campers sleep in one of two of our cozy, home-like kennel areas. Our first kennel area is approx 2500 sq. ft. and is attached to our home. Our second kennel area is approx 500 sq. ft. and located about 50 feet behind our home. We do choose to not allow clients into our kennel for tours. The kennel is the dog's temporary home; the safe place where they know they can rest. If we toured those areas to every owner, it would cause disruption to the dog's tranquility throughout the day, most days. However we are more than happy to tour our property and training grounds! 
As crate training is an integral part to our training program, each camper is assigned their own extra large SkyMate kennel. 

How many dogs do you train at once?

Krueger Canine could have anywhere from 4-6 dogs enrolled in Training Camp at any given time. Keeping lower numbers of dogs allows us to maximize the time we spend with the dogs daily. We also offer boarding for any of our past campers, so it is not uncommon that there are 5-10 dogs boarding at any given time. 

Can I visit? Will my dog think they've been abandoned?

Your dog definitely will not think they've been abandoned! Training Camp will challenge your dog's mind everyday throughout the day. They will be living in the moment and enjoying new experiences. 
We do set up one visit at about week three. This gives the owner/ family the opportunity to visit and reunite with the dog, but more importantly will give you the chance to see and practice the dog's training for the first time. 
While your dog is enrolled in camp, we do send weekly picture and video updates!

Are lessons or classes an alternative?

Lessons or group classes are an excellent way to practice your handling and your dog's skills around distractions. However, they are not an alternative. However we do offer these options post camp.


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