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The Mission

Andy Krueger

Owner/ Head Trainer

 "No matter the age, breed or personality type of your dog, we will better your relationship with them."


Andy has been a dog lover since the age of 7, when his family got their first dog, a Golden Retriever puppy named Quincy. This rambunctious pup grew into a large out of control dog, often bolting out the front door and pulling his walkers off their feet. It's safe to say that Quincy prompted Andy's interest in dog behavior. His journey training and caring for canines began at the age of 14, dog sitting for neighbors, family and friends. At the age of 18, Andy began working as a dog walker in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. He began formally studying canine behavior and dog training in 2008, while attending the University of Cincinnati. Majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology, Andy became fascinated with police/ military K9's and their training.This interest ultimately tied together his love of dogs and his area of study. Upon graduating from UC on the Dean's List in 2010, Andy founded Krueger Canine, All Breed Dog Training. This marked the beginning of a lifelong mission to understanding the canine mind. Since then, Andy has boarded and trained thousands of dogs of all breeds and ages. This has allowed him the opportunity to work with people and families from all walks of life, with all different goals for their dogs. Andy is not just a dog trainer, he is a dog expert. 


What makes him different?

Andy has an extensive history working with Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. These are the prominent breeds used in police/military work as well as dog sports around the world. His work and accomplishments as a professional Decoy (man in the bite suit) set him apart from most. In 2009, Andy put on a bite suit for the first time, 7 years and a lot of bumps and bruises later, he went on to win the NARA French Ring Decoy Super Selection; by far the most difficult decoy competition in all of dog sports. Andy is the current #1 Decoy in the North American Ring Association. Since 2013, he has been traveling the country decoying local, regional, national and international events. In 2018, Andy was invited to France to compete in the most difficult decoy competition in the world, the French Decoy Super Selection. Having the opportunity to travel the world and participate in these competitions has allowed Andy to meet and train with some of the most legendary dog trainers of all time.

 His expertise lends itself beyond just the bite suit. Andy has also competed as a handler with several different dogs in several different sports. In 2015, he created Cincinnati Ringsport, a dog training club who's members actively compete in French Ring. Since then the club has built numerous dogs earning numerous titles. On Aug 4th, 2018, Andy and his dog Jasper achieved their French Ring 3 title, arguably the most difficult and prestigious title available in dog sports.

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